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Thinking about our life today as a Church Community and planning for the future is all part of the Mission Action Planning (MAP) process. As part of our work we have put together this statement which we hope brings together the Mission and Vision we all share in.

We seek to be a mission driven Church, sharing God's love in order to serv e the whole community: Endeavouring to support, cherish, nurture, educate, enlighten and facilitate our personal growth and by doing so introduce others to Christ and the Christian Faith.

The New Church Year 2017-2018 - The Lectionary for the New Year is now available @ £3.99 Larger Edition £5.99 - The Lectionary gives the Feast and Holidays for the year and bible readings for Sundays and weekdays. It is a great basis for reading scriptures and joining in the prayer life of the wider church. Orders to Fr. Jonathan.

Growing our FAITH through Generosity - The new Gift Aid and Planned Giving envelopes starting in November are now available at the back of church. If anyone has any questions please speak to Jack Kirkup. A reminder that it would be much appreciated if on weeks you do not attend church, if you would please put, even a token amount in your envelope and bring them along when next at church. Thank you.

Your Journey through Advent - As a Church we are busy preparing during Advent to celebrate the birth of Our Lord at Christmas. To encourage us on our way the Church of England has prepared a book of reflections for every day in Advent - Now available price £1.50

ADVENT CHARITY - This Year we are collecting items for a local cause supporting The Booth Charity's care for those sleeping rough on the streets of Manchester. We are collecting simple toiletries - soap, deodorant and toothpast and toothbrushes, shaving cream and disposable razors etc. and woollen hats and socks. Pack up a cheering shoebox for the Booth Charity or leave items in church or at The Rectory and our Youth Group will pack them for you. Thank you to - Tesco Failsworth for their gift of warm clothing and essentials.

St. John's CHRISTMAS CARD - Please Help Us Deliver Our Parish Christmas Card. We need volunteers to deliver our card to streets in central Failsworth. Labelled packs of card for various Streets are at the back of Church ready for distribution. Loose cards are also available for friends and neighbours and streets that are not included in our scheme.


SUNDAY 17TH DECEMBER 5:30PM - St John's School Choir, Failsworth Performing Arts, Failsworth Community Choir - A Traditional start to Christmas

For Your Prayers

For those to be baptised here today - Jessica Rose Phelan, Violet-Grace Ruth Lynch

For those who were married here yesterday -

The sick and those facing adversity especially - Maureen Turner, Dorothy Platt, Mary Still, Theresa Cave, Rosemary Ousey, Gillian Jones, Peter Flynn, Sam McDonald, Ron McManus, Peter Macauley

Flowers at the foot of the cross are given in loving memory of

The flowers by the book of remembrance are in loving memory of

The Faithful Departed - Majorie Foy, Mary Heathcote, Vivien Gibbs

For those who anniversaries occur at this time - Norman Mawdesley, Clifford Shaw Lowe, Edward John Kelly, Eva Margery Cole, Maurice Lowe, Sam Lloyd, Sylvia Pilkinton, Kathleen Faulkner, Raymond Dawes, Michele Ann Simpson

Universal Prayer Intention for December

The Elderly That the elderly, sustained by families and Christian communities, may apply their wisdom and experience to spreading the faith and forming the new generations.


Community in Failsworth

Sunday - Lymeditch Road Our Church and Parish

Monday - Mabel Road Our Parish Schools and all young people

Tuesday - Main Street Our Shops and local Businesses

Wednesday - Manwaring Street Our Health Centres

Thursday - Massey Avenue Local employers and those seeking work

Friday - Mather Street The Elderley and those living alone

Saturday - Mayfair Crescent Our Young Families

Parish Priest : Fr. Jonathan Elcock

Tel. 0161 683 4196

Email. failsworthstjohn@aol.com



If you have been an habitual worshipper at St John's over the last six months you are eligible for inclusion on the Electoral Roll.

If you wish to be entered on the Roll or amend your entry please see Christine Booth or Father Jonathan

St. John the Evangelist