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Thinking about our life today as a Church Community and planning for the future is all part of the Mission Action Planning (MAP) process. As part of our work we have put together this statement which we hope brings together the Mission and Vision we all share in.

We seek to be a mission driven Church, sharing God's love in order to serv e the whole community: Endeavouring to support, cherish, nurture, educate, enlighten and facilitate our personal growth and by doing so introduce others to Christ and the Christian Faith.

The Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham - Every Saturday there is an opportunity to take some time out in Church from 10:00am onwards. There is a short prayer service focussing on intercession for the world, healing and the needs of many. On the last Saturday of the monthg we have an Eucharist followed by a breakfast of coffee and croissant. Here we celeberate our fellowship with the Anglican Shrine at Walsingham and it's prayer ministry.


Christingle Christmas Eve at 3:00pm

Midnight Mass Christmas Eve at 11:00pm



Friday 21st December 5:00pm - 7:00pm - Tickets £2.00 including a raffle ticket for A Stay for a family four in a luxury property with a swimming pool in Heaton Park. The Sunday School are raising money for a defibrillator for St. John's School.

OUR CHRISTMAS APPEAL 17th Dec - 21st January 2019

We need donations of new warm socks-gloves-and scarves for those living on the streets. The appeal tips into January so an opportunity to offload a few excess presents! We are supporting Canon Wray's Sock Day - the historic Manchester appeal for socks for those in need. Gounded by Canon Cecil Wray in 1856.

For Your Prayers

For those to be baptised here today - Cason George Leach

For those who were married here yesterday -

The sick and those facing adversity especially - Lorraine Sidebottom, Sarah Barton, Parry Denton, Mark Douglas, Dorothy Platt, Peter Flynn, Sam McDonald, Ron McManus, Norah McConnell, Louise, Dave and Baby Amelia May

Flowers at the foot of the cross are given in loving memory of Arthur and Eva Szwandt. Arthur's annivrsary was last Friday 26th October and Eva's wil be on 7th November. Always thought of in our hearts and prayers. Daughter Marie, Son-in-law Ken, Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren

The flowers by the book of remembrance are in loving memory of

The recently Departed - Rosemary Ousey

For those who anniversaries occur at this time - Sylvia Pilkington, Kathleen Faulkner, Raymon Dawes, Michele Ann Simpson, Harry Whitehead

Universal Prayer Intention for





Community in Failsworth

Sunday - Wesley Street Our Church and Parish

Monday - West Street Our Parish Schools and all young people

Tuesday - Westminster Road Our Shops and local Businesses

Wednesday - Whitewillow Close Our Health Centres

Thursday - Wickentree Lane Local employers and those seeking work

Friday - William Street The Elderley and those living alone

Saturday - Wimbledon Road Our Young Families

Parish Priest : Fr. Jonathan Elcock

Tel. 0161 683 4196

Email. failsworthstjohn@aol.com



If you have been an habitual worshipper at St John's over the last six months you are eligible for inclusion on the Electoral Roll.

If you wish to be entered on the Roll or amend your entry please see Christine Booth or Father Jonathan

St. John the Evangelist