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Church Wardens Ken Barton & Peter Kearey

The role of warden is defined as a keeper or custodian. Perhaps the most common image is that of the ARP warden in Dad's Army "Put that light out!" Well we don't actually go around the church drawing curtains or extinguishing candles. The wardens are custodians of the fabric and possessions of the church. They should also be aware of the past history and have access to records held in the Parish, such as registers of births, deaths, and marriages. In the Greater Manchester area most Parish records are now held on microfilm in the Local History section of the Central Library in St Peter's Square, Manchester. Access to these records is free and available to all. However, it is wise to make an appointment as some records may take a day or so to be brought from the archives. At St John's the wardens hold a surgery for those people wishing to arrange baptisms or weddings. They are ably assisted by other church members. In fact, St John's is so popular that dates for weddings/baptisms are well into the future. This surgery is held after the Sunday Eucharist in the church lounge starting at 11.30 am.

Electoral Roll Officer - Christine Booth

The Electoral Roll is the list of names and addresses of a church's membership. Every person listed on the Roll is eligible to attend the Annual Parochial Church Meeting. A new roll was created in 2013 and is renewed every 6 years. This year and subsequent years upto 2019, the electoral roll will only be amended with any new names that have been added or names of those who are no longer members taken off. Notices of revision should be advertised 5-6 weeks before the APCM. Anyone who is not already a member and wishes to be entered onto the Roll should fill out an application form. The appropriate changes will then be made. The amended Electoral Roll is then displayed between 15-28 days before the Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM). Some parishes have an Electoral Officer who will organise this. No-one over 18 can be elected to the PCC until they have been Electoral members for 6 months. People under the age of 18 can be elected to the PCC from their 16th birthday.

Wedding Verger : Mary Still

Hello. My name is Mary Still and I have been the wedding verger at St. John's for 21 years. I sort out all your needs, book your wedding date, advise you on your order of service, conduct your wedding rehearsal, make sure your banns are read and answer any questions you might have. You can contact me on 0161 682 9884 or on the e-mail Mary Still. Where is your own parish church? Click on the link below and enter your postcode in the "Church Locator" link box. You will need this information for your "banns form" (a legal requirement) when you come to the parish surgery to book your wedding. Legally, Banns must be read at both your parish church and Saint John's even if just one of you lives outside of our parish boundaries and a certificate of banns must be submitted to us from your parish church before you can be married.

Parish Priest : Fr. Jonathan Elcock

Tel. 0161 683 4196

Email. failsworthstjohn@aol.com

Child Proctection Co-ordinator - Mary Still

As the parish child protection co-ordinator, I am required to report to the AGM meeting on anyone who has volunteered to work with children and on any training that might be considered necessary. I am happy to say that St. John's has an extremely competent teaching force working with children and young people in four areas of the church - the creche, the Sunday school and the tea and tots. All the Sunday school teachers, creche, tea and tot workers have all been police checked and are qualified to work with children and young people. Here is a reminder of the policy reviewed and agreed at the last PCC meeting.

St. John the Evangelist